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Eventive Funtime are specialists in secondary income attractions for Shopping Malls, Retail Outlets, Leisure and Entertainment Centres. We can supply either single Kiddies attractions such as Bungee Trampolines, Walk on Water Balls etc.  or Coin op attractions and Kiddies rides. As we have work with several large Entertainment venues and Shopping Malls for several years , we fully understand what is required at this type of venue and in turn only place attractions that suit the centres demographic.



Are you looking to increase the income from your visitor’s secondary spending capacity? The key to the economic success of any attraction is in the income derived from visitors. We feel that we can offer you a solution by placing either our attractions or event inside your venue and pay you either a rental fee or commission fee. All the attractions can be themed to meet your requires if necessary. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss this further.



Hot & Cold Food We can provide a wide range of catering from Traditional Sweets such as Pick’n’mix, Cream Fudges, Candy Floss units to Donuts and of course Hot food like Roast Pork and Stuffing Rolls as well as Traditional Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.
Candy Carts We have several Candy Carts that can be hired for one off events such as Weddings, Christenings and Birthday Parties.
Bars Our Bars offer a wide range of Premium Beers such as Peroni, Stella Artois, Budwieser, Carling Dark Fruit Cider as well as a range of Spirits Wines and Prosecco


Traditional Fairground Rides and Favourites

Any Fairground event would not be complete without the Traditional Waltzer, Dodgems, Twister and Miami rides. These are the backbone of any event and always hold a special place in everybody’s heart when the see them. They take the older rider back to their childhood and let the young rides start to experience the attractions without being too scared


White Knuckle Rides

We offer a wide range of Adrenaline Rides such as Speed XXL, Tango and Extreme. These rides are not for the faint hearted and offer the riders thrills and excitement. We can supply many different thrill rides so do not hesitate to contact us.


Amusement Arcades

Eventive Funtime also operate FEC Style amusement arcades in Matlock Bath. This is an expanding part of our business and we are always looking for new opportunities and sites to develop.


Cheeky Charlies World

Cheeky Charlies is a unique brand of children’s attractions which is designed for Shopping Malls, Leisure Centres and Parks.
Cheeky Charlies World can already be found at Xscape Castleford and Beacon Park Lichfield.

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Tribute Characters

Available for all our events. Eventive Funtime Ltd offer a unique range of Tribute Characters.